Northern Region Area
The Northern Region covers the area within the county boundaries of Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire, Northumberland and Yorkshire and represents the interest of all Club members living within its area.

The Northern Region Council
The council comprises of the elected officers of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, two delegates from each of the local Centre committees of Cumbria, Durham, North Lancashire, South Lancashire, Northumberland, East Yorkshire, Mid West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Pennine and also one non-Centre member.

The Council holds four meetings a year.

What benefit is the Northern Region Council to us?
The Council has been formed to link the Centres to the Club Head Quarters.  The Council feeds information from the Club to the Centres and vice versa.  Any problems or concerns the Centres and their members have, can be aired at the Council meetings and if they are not solved at that meeting then the Officers of the Council can take to the Club in order to get a solution, this can then be fed back to the Centres.

The idea is a support mechanism for the Centres and their Members, as we all know that a problem shared is a problem halved or maybe solved.

Does it work?

Yes it does – many problems in the past have been solved and useful information with regard to Caravans, towing vehicles and members safety have been passed on.

Yes it does – many Centre Officers have had problems within their Centres and have brought the problem to the Council and got advice and support from other Centre Officers until a solution has been found.

Yes it does – by saving Centre Officers and member’s time by bringing things to the Council for a solution instead of contacting the Club on smaller issues or non-urgent business, this also saves the Club staff time.

Yes it does – it helps to circulate information on events the Centres run, helping to promote throughout other Centres and the Club Magazine.